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Hazelnut Biscuits (crackers) Recipe

Hazelnut Biscuits (crackers)

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart

MY thought is these originated in England as they are the ones who usually call crackers...

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Pepper Jack Pepperoni Rolls Recipe

Pepper Jack Pepperoni Rolls

Lynda Sweezey
By Lynda Sweezey

Good movie night snack. If you don't like Pepper Jack cheese you can use a cheese...

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Squash Croquettes Recipe

Squash Croquettes

Melissa Gonzalez
By Melissa Gonzalez

This is from my Mom. Its great comfort food. The Squash and onion mixture can be...

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What to do with the large zuchini's you over look or throw over the fence? Make...

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Roasted Corn with Cumin Guacamole Recipe

Roasted Corn with Cumin Guacamole

Pam Stewart
By Pam Stewart

I have tried many recipes for guacamole with corn but it always seemed that something was...

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Beer Bread with Cucumber Dip Recipe

Beer Bread with Cucumber Dip

Kari Ware
By Kari Ware

This tasty dish is an appetizer passed on to me from my Aunt Gordy. She's always...

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Exotic Apple Salsa Recipe

Exotic Apple Salsa

Monica H
By Monica H

A very lovely salsa using "exotic" ingredients which all go very well together! Enjoy :)

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