Snack Recipes

Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken

By Farry Owens
This chicken is very flavorful. You will find that children especially love this dish as...

Olive Deviled Eggs Recipe

Olive Deviled Eggs

By Kimberly Kay
A tangy deviled egg recipe that uses olives and brown spicy mustard (this could also easily...

Granola Recipe


By Malinda Coletta
Granola can be expensive and fatting. Now you can make your own and control cost...

Heavenly Maple Nut Muffins Recipe


By Beth M.
Real maple syrup is essential, for these flavor-filled,chewy, sweet muffins. I think they are the...

Six-way Cookies Recipe

Six-Way Cookies

By Tate Two
This recipe is from the Borden/Eagle Brand Recipe Flyer, dating from the mid 40's. These cookies can also...

Apricot Rum Cake Recipe

Apricot Rum Cake

By Dawne Gibbs
My elderly friend Elsie gave me this recipe after she brought it to our Easter gathering....

Hot Wings Recipe

Hot Wings

By Dawne Gibbs
These wings are a family favorite. They get hotter each time you reheat them, if there...