Snack Food Recipes for Munchable Moments

Cinnamon sugar chips Recipe

Cinnamon sugar chips

By Tiffany Essex

Really easy and cheap snack idea. & Tastes really good with ice cream and fruit salsa.

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Garbage Stromboli and Dough Recipe

Garbage Stromboli and Dough

By Ashley Dawkins

I say "garbage" because you can make Stromboli with whatever you have in the fridge that...

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Chewy Salty Dry Sausage Pralines Recipe

Chewy Salty Dry Sausage Pralines

By Pat Duran

Who would like a salty and sweet praline treat? Well here is one to try- another...

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Popcorn Surprise Recipe

Popcorn Surprise

By Francine Kronberg

Everyone loves it - a great snacking food! My husband and friends can't get enough of...

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