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Raspberry popcorn

By Irisa Raina 9 Irisa

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Irisa's Story

Tasted “ almost “ like crunchy cotton candy….

This was one of those ideas that comes to you when you least expect it. My husband was making popcorn…and I decided to try this…of course he had his the same ol' way…ha ha ha.


1 -2 tablespoons oil
¼ cup pop corn
2 – 3 teaspoons unsalted butter
1 teaspoon lipton’s raspberry tea “ instant
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
salt to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

Pop popcorn as usual, put into a bowl.
In the same pot add the butter and melt, add the tea and cayenne and with a small whisk start mixing rapidly so the tea and pepper dissolve
As you are still whisking the butter mixture pour over the popcorn, some of the tea will remain on the bottom of the pot if you skip this step, toss and salt to taste.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Popcorn
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Irisa Raina 9 Irisa
Apr 28, 2012
Gaynet, if you are not suppose to have salt I would stay away from Jello as it has sodium in it...the instant tea does really was a nice treat....have a wonderful day...
gaynel mohler gaynel
Apr 28, 2012
saved this recipe, sounds real good. even the jello one. I'm not allowed salt so this will give me a newtreat/snack
Irisa Raina 9 Irisa
Apr 28, 2012
Edith thanks for the Jello information I have done that before
But last night all I had was tea so I thought.....why not!
Hope you have a great day :-)
Edith Coates lbrrymom
Apr 28, 2012
Try sprinkling one packet of sugar free jello, whatever flavor you like, over the fresh popped popcorn. Works better if you put a little butter flavored spray on it to make the jello stick to the popcorn.
Irisa Raina 9 Irisa
Apr 28, 2012
Thanks Louise, I've always been an " out side the box " kinda gal....I love experimenting with food.