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Puppy Chow

By Marvalene Matson marvmatson

I listed this as an appetizer, but it would really be a snack.
My Mother found this recipe and has passed it on to us. I used it for my son's turns at treats on his ball teams when he was younger - about a cup for each child in a zip-lock bag. Youth group parties, family get-to-gathers, church dinners, etc. Now, I take 3 recipes of it to work and bring nothing home! I work in a nursing home and the personnel and the "little people" love it. (I serve it in a 2 gallon stainless milk bucket my Aunt gave me!) I love the looks when you tell someone it is Puppy Chow - those dogs eat pretty well.

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Prep Time:


8 c
rice chex
1 c
chocolate chiops
2/3 c
peanut butter
1 stick
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2 c
powdered sugar
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Directions Step-By-Step

Place chex in large bowl
Melt together and stir next 3 ingredients. Toss over chex until each piece is coated.
Toss powdered sugar over that mixture until coated.

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