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Joan's notes for this recipe:
I am always looking for cute holiday goody ideas....All my friends anxiously await to see what I will come up with next....I have made favors for baby and wedding showers, cookie exchange parties, and I have even made some for Holiday Bazzars. I love creative cooking especially baking and candy making
The Mold for this recipe was purchased from Sweet Mercantile cake/candy supply company in Rancho Cucamonga, California.
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These are such cute Easter candies! It's a joy to eat them... and to watch the reaction of people who think they are really eggs!


Melt white Wilton Melts and spoon into mold....melt a few yellow melts and add rice krispies for texture ....Put a dollop of yellow mixture onto white egg to resemble a deviled egg....sprinkle a tiny bit of red Christmas sugar on yellow to look like paprika immediately put in freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes to harden.....Many times I have used white almond bark (from Walmart) and it works just fine.... Just a hint of Yellow food coloring.
I serve them in a deviled eggs dish or put a tiny bit of easter grass into a paper cup cake holder.

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user Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Apr 22, 2011
Beautiful!!! The tray looks wonderful; I love it and they look like real deviled eggs too!! I gave out eggs like that one year for friends and family for Easter and my one friend thought it was a ceramic egg or something and told me how she kept it and put it out for the next year. LOL I laughed so hard as she did not know it was chocolate and didn't believe me until the next Easter when she was over my house and I bit into one to show her it was all chocolate. She then laughed and laughed. Have a wonderful Easter. Kim
user Kristin Miller Kk723 - Apr 23, 2011
I agree, they do look real! Very cute idea!
user Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Aug 7, 2011
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user Candy Mac candyscrafts - Oct 31, 2011
very very cute..Ty for sharing
user Kitchen Crew JustaPinch - Mar 21, 2012
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!

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