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Nutty Pickles

By Kim Biegacki pistachyoo

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Kim's Story

Calling all pickle lovers!!!! Calling all pickle lovers!!!!

One thing that I eat everyday is dill pickles; cold packed dill pickles. I love them & adore them. They are wonderful, beautiful and amazing! Ok, ok so now you know....I do love pickles and anyone that knows me well will tell you so. LOL
About 12 years ago, a lady brought this yummy treat to an office party & I never forgot it. Now, since then I have tried flavored cream cheeses, different nuts and sprinkling a light touch of garlic salt on top, but all in all it stands as a simple recipe that I love.

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Notes from the Test Kitchen:
Looking for a fun, unexpected appetizer? This is it!

These little pickles are just so cool. I'll admit to being a little hesitant when I first looked at the ingredient list, but the flavors work VERY well together - the perfect combination of salty and sour. Enjoy!


4-6 medium
cold packed dill pickles
1 - 2 pkg
cream cheese or flavored (i used chive & onion for this pic above)
2 c
chopped pecans, toasted almonds or whatever nut you desire
garlic salt

Directions Step-By-Step

Remove your whole cold packed dill pickles from the jar and dry them off well with a paper towel.
(Cold packed dill pickles are the best and the crunchiest. Once you try them you will always want them and you can find them in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.) ----Want a spicy bit to your Nutty Pickles try using Claussens new Hot & Spicy pickles that came out this spring of 2012. They are delicious and have a nice bite to them.
Pick up one pickle and hold on the ends and begin to spread the cream cheese with a knife over the pickle. It doesn't have to be perfect just covered well.
Pour your chopped pecans into a bowl large enough to roll the pickle in. Now take your cheese covered pickle and roll drop down into the nuts and roll. Pat lightly the nuts into the cheese so they stick well. Set pickle aside and repeat until finished.
You can refrigerate them until ready to cut and serve them. When you do cut them, don't slice too thin or the mixture will begin to fall off. Cut them in a thicker slice. If some mixture does fall off just lightly press it back on the pickle. You can put fancy toothpicks in the center of them or just sliced by themselved on a plate. If desired, sprinkle very lightly a dash of garlic salt over the top. Serve immediately.
The beautiful Nutty Pickles are ready to eat! lol
11-19-13 --- I made these today for our last meeting for our woman's mentoring class. I used some fresh toasted almonds to roll the pickles in and I must say I loved them. I also sliced some up and just spread the cream cheese on the top and dipped them in the nuts as well. Since there was a buffalo dip that was being brought I included some raw cauliflower to the plate.

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  • user
    Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Apr 21, 2011
    I shared a photo of this recipe.
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  • user
    Stephanie Dodd skeen - Apr 21, 2011
    I love dill pickles too and made an appetizer for my granddaughter's graduation party last weekend and forgot to take a picture and post it. I will have to post it on here. I never buy the pickles in the refrigerated section of the grocer. I must now look for them!!!!
  • user
    Sheila Booth sheilabooth - Apr 21, 2011
    This sounds delicious! I have a friend that takes the little petite dills and spreads them with cream cheese and then rolls a piece of ham around them. So I like the idea of the nuts to give me a new option! Also using the larger pickles is appealing. I'm thinking doing a mix of both for a party tray would be nice. Thanks for the fresh idea!!!
  • user
    Stephanie Dodd skeen - Apr 21, 2011
    Sheila, I took dill pickles; spread cream cheese on deli ham and wrapped around the pickles. Refrigerated them overnight and sliced them the next day for my granddaughter's graduation party. They were delicious!!!
  • user
    Sheila Booth sheilabooth - Apr 21, 2011
    YEEESSSSS!!!! That was them! I could eat them until I'm sick. lol I'm so excited about trying them with the nuts! I like trying new variations like this!