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Leah's notes for this recipe:
If you like PayDay candy bars, you will love this! You can just mix half peanuts and half candy corn. I make a batch and send it to my husband's office. They love it!
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Mix candy and almonds (or mixed nuts) all together to whatever amount you like. Then, add twice that many peanuts. Mix and keep in a air tight container if there is any left! :)
For example, if you add 4 cups of candy, then add 8 cups of peanuts. There are no rules. Find out what your family likes the best. The peanuts cut some of that sweetness from the sugary candy corn.

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user Janet Taylor jharptay - Oct 4, 2011
I went over my Weight Watchers goal weight eating this stuff last year! Very addictive!!
user Leah Robertson keepinitreal - Oct 4, 2011
Ha! Oops! I told my husband to take the bowl of it away from me tonight. My workout today did NOT burn enough calories that I was adding my eating this stuff! Yes, VERY addictive! ;)

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