Cracker Recipes

Spicy Ranch Crackers Recipe

Spicy Ranch Crackers

Brooke Chadwick
By Brooke Chadwick

Warning!!! These are addictive!!! and super easy! These are also slightly spicy, the original recipe called...

Cheddar Wafers Recipe

Cheddar Wafers

Jacki Allen
By Jacki Allen

Over the years I have gleaned many a good recipe from my assistant and this is...

Crunchy Ham Ball Recipe

Crunchy Ham Ball

Stormi Choate
By Stormi Choate

This is a great appetizer for the holidays when you are trying to use up leftover...

Cinnamon Chips and Fruit Salsa Recipe

Cinnamon Chips and Fruit Salsa

Eleni B
By Eleni B

This is a very simple recipe and is very delicious without being a lot of calories....