Cracker Recipes

Spicy Cheese Creackers Recipe

Spicy Cheese Creackers

Laura Daszynicz
By Laura Daszynicz

This is from my Leisure Arts Presents The Spirit of Christmas Book, These crackers can be...

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Party Crackers Recipe

Party Crackers

Stephanie Heitmeier
By Stephanie Heitmeier

My husbands aunt gave this to first I wasn't to sure about them but then...

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Easy Garlic Cheeseball Recipe

Easy Garlic Cheeseball

Janet Mayhew
By Janet Mayhew

My sister inlaw brought a garlic cheeseball to Christmas one year. She got it as a...

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Oyster Crackers Recipe

Oyster Crackers

Debbie Hardy
By Debbie Hardy

These are great just to munch on when watching a movie, my husband and father in...

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