#Simple Recipes

Simple Short Bread Cookies! Recipe

Simple Short Bread Cookies!

Gail Eischeid
By Gail Eischeid

So simple to make, just 4 ingredients! Very versatile cookie to be made into so many...

Quick and Easy Salisbury Steak Recipe

Quick and Easy Salisbury Steak

Pj Brearley
By Pj Brearley

This is a very quick and easy recipe for very flavorful and tender Salisbury Steak. It...

The BEST chili ever!!! Recipe

The BEST chili ever!!!

Michelle Ramsey
By Michelle Ramsey

This is a great chili to eat anyday, but expecially when it is extra "chili" outside.

Smoky Orzo Casserole Recipe

Smoky Orzo Casserole

Lynda Hayes
By Lynda Hayes

My husband created this dish. He wanted something flavorful and easy to fix. This is...

Cheesecake Recipe


Nanci Wilson
By Nanci Wilson

This cheesecake is simple but delicious. I started making it when a new neighbor moved...