Trio of Mixed Greens

Jackie Garvin


I like my greens cooked in a simple fashion. Make a good stock from smoked meat; add the cleaned and trimmed greens, season with salt and pepper, add honey to cut the bitterness. Some people like to add onions and hot peppers to the cook pot. I prefer to sprinkle hot pepper vinegar on the cooked greens, instead. It’s just a matter of taste. You must pay special attention to washing them. They can be gritty and all it takes is a tiny amount of grit to ruin a whole pot of greens. Triple wash them and don’t cheat. If your greens are mature enough to have a large central vein, strip the greens off the vein before cooking. If you are lucky enough to have only young tender greens, you can skip that part.

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6 to 8


30 Min


2 Hr


1 bunch
collard greens
1 bunch
mustard greens
1 bunch
turnip greens
ham hocks
salt, to taste
honey, to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

Place ham hocks in stock pot and cover with water. Cook, covered, for one hour until good and tender.
Triple wash all the greens and trim. Strip away any large veins. Cut greens into ribbons. Keep collards separate as they require a longer cooking time.
After ham hocks have cook sufficiently, add collards and cook for about 15 minutes.
Add mustard and turnip greens. After they have cooked down, taste for seasoning and adjust. Continue cooking until greens are to your liking. If they are too bitter for your taste toward the end of cooking, add some honey.
Remove ham hocks from pot, dice meat and add back to the greens.
Serve with hot pepper vinegar.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Vegetables