Sauteed Turnips with Herbs

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By Carol BoBarrel carolbobarrel

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Great, hearty, and earthy vegetarian recipe with heavy French influences.
My first attempt with turnips has become a house favorite I can't wait to make again!


1 oz
olive oil
1 medium
onions, yellow or white
1 pkg
mushrooms, fresh, any
2 - 3 medium
turnips, no greens
salt and pepper, to taste
several pinch
herbs of choice
1 or 2 dash(es)
red wine
1 Tbsp
1 Tbsp

Directions Step-By-Step

Heat olive oil in medium saute pan over medium to medium-low heat.
Slice onions, turnips, and mushrooms thinly (1/4 inch or so) and add to pan. Cover and stir occasionally.
When all the veggies are mostly cooked and tender, add salt, pepper, herbs, and a splash of red wine. Stir and return cover.
In a separate dish, blend butter and flour. I have found this easier on a small plate with a fork. This is a French technique with a fancy name for thickening sauces.
Turn heat to low and add butter-flour mixture, stirring gently until well blended.
I like to serve over rice or chicken.
Variations: add finely chopped bacon or pancetta, brown in pan before adding sliced veg.
Turnips can be omitted for a great sauce over meat.
Omit red wine and add spices like curry, cinnamon, and garam masala for Indian flair, or cumin, garlic, and adobo for a Latin touch.

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Course/Dish: Vegetables
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Carol BoBarrel carolbobarrel
Jun 7, 2012
thyme, rosemary, oregano. heavier herbs to match the earthy flavor of the turnips. i believe i use an herb de provence mix (badia brand)
mary derosier kitty76522d
Feb 4, 2012
Since I've never cooked turnips before, I have no idea what herbs would work best. Need input :)
yvonne witherspoon gspoon
Dec 30, 2011
We have had so many turnips this year and I wanted a new way to fix them. Loving roasted Vegetables I decided to try turnips it will not be the last time so much flavor.
I cut them in cubes placed on a cookie sheet sprayed with Pam add a little salt cooked until tender. So good
Nita Clapper NitaClapper
May 18, 2010
Dear Carol, Well, we finally had large enough turnips to try this recipe. It was delicious! Thanks again for sharing. Nita
Carol BoBarrel carolbobarrel
Mar 16, 2010
I'm so happy that you have a garden and are growing turnips! I work at a hydroponic farm and watching the veggies grow is my favorite part. I'm sure your will be super tasty. Please let me know how everything turns out!