Crispy Mushroom Fries

Connie Kiyu Guerrero Recipe

By Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero conchik

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This is a great side dish for any meal! They are crispy and tasty and you will love them so much that you'll want to serve them always with a great smile. Your family will love them!

TIP: Try using the same recipe for "Portabella Mushroom Fries"! Cut them about 1 1/2" thick and either deep fry them or fry them like this one. Serve them with your favorite steak dinner! ENJOY!


6 large
white button mushrooms
1 tsp
corriander-cummin powder
1/2 tsp
red chili powder
1/4 tsp
salt and pepper
2 Tbsp
oil for frying
1/2 c
corn meal or panko bread crumbs

Directions Step-By-Step

Clean mushrooms with clean cloth or paper towel. Slice them about 1 1/2" thick. (Do not wash mushrooms. Washing makes them soggy and looses it's flavor.)
In a wide bowl, add sliced mushroom and sprinkle salt & pepper and mix well. Let stand for 15 minutes. (This helps the mushroom absorb all the salt and releases the water naturally.
Discard the excess water. Add red chili powder, corriander-cummin, and mix well. Toss lightly. Let stand again for another 10 minutes.
Heat your cast iron griddle or a non-stick pan. Drizzle 2tsp. oil to coat the bottom on the pan.
Coat generously, all the mushrooms with panko breading or corn meal. Fry on a medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. (Over-frying will make the mushroom get rubbery and will loose it's texture.) A great side dish. ENJOY!

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Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero conchik
Mar 28, 2011
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero conchik
Mar 26, 2011
Join my group (Tropical Delish), you'll find some great recipes and lots of my tropical island recipes, too!
Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero conchik
Mar 26, 2011
HI Shirley, it is so great to be back in JAP! I hope you'll love them, too. :-)

Doreen, I just joined your group. I will be happy to share any meatless recipes to the group. :-)

Hello Wendy! Thanks! I'm sure you'll love them, too. :-)
Wendy Rusch snooksk9
Mar 26, 2011
OMGosh...these would be soooooooo yummy! Can't wait to try them! thanks connie!
Doreen Fish dfish
Mar 26, 2011
Connie...just click on share beside your print button and then scroll down till you see the group you want to post to and click on it and I think there is a red button on the bottom to click on as well....easy as that...why don't you come join our group?? We'd love to have you Connie!!