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A good way to use all of that fresh corn

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a good use for corn on the cob


1Scald 1 1/2 inch ears of corn for 6 minutes, 2 inch diameter ears for 8 minutes, and larger ears for 10 minutes. Drain and cool 10 minutes. Cut off kernel tips.
2An easy method of positioning the corncob for cutting is to place the cob upright in the center of a angle food or bundt cake pan. if one of these pans is not available any dish will do.
3Slice kernels from cob into the pan, cutting as closely as possibly to the cob. Using the back of the knife scrape the pulp and milk from the cob.
4Pack the corn into freezer containers leaving 1/4 inch head space mashing once or twice with the back of a spoon, depending upon consistency.
5If added richness is desired, the cob may be boiled for 20 minutes in a large pan. The cobs should be removed and the water reduced to about1/4 of the original quantity by boiling off.
6This water may be used to cover the corn in the freezer container, after it has completely cooled

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