Ann McCue Recipe

Banana Peppers Canned

By Ann McCue salsaqueen

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8 jelly jars

Ann's Story

This is a quick and easy way to can banana peppers. A jelly jar is just enough to cover a pizza!!! also good as a side with spaggetti. or on salads.


3 c
2 c
white vinegar
1/8 c
canning salt
4 clove
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Directions Step-By-Step

slice banana peppers
pack tightly into jelly jars, add 1/2 piece garlic
bring water vinegar and salt to a boil
Also boil lids
pour hot brine into jars
add hot lid
put on band
when done cover jars with a light cloth until lids seal.
let jars sit for 2 or 3 months before using. the longer they sit the better.

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