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A cook on the internet, Trish, posted this recipe a few years ago. It is elegant, yet easy, side dish, sure to get rave reviews! It goes with almost any entree. Definitely company worthy. Good recipe for parties or family dinners. Enjoy!

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bundle of 12 fresh, young asparagus spears trimmed, snap off the large end. only use tender young asparagus, or it will be woody.
8 ounce package of cream cheese and chives at room temperature.
pound package of prosciutto. if you prefer a less salty alternative, use black forest ham or any good quality deli ham, or you can use bacon like i did in my photo.
green onion strings for tying ribbons around the bundles if desired.


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1Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Line a baking sheet with tin foil and spray with olive oil Pam.

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2Tip: Instead of cutting the large end off with a knife, bend the asparagus and it will snap off and leave just the tender part of the asparagus. Don't throw away the ends . Save them frozen in a ziplock for soup. If you cook them until tender, they make a wonderful soup.

Blanch the asparagus for 1 minute, then plunge into an ice water bath. This helps the asparagus to stay beautifully green.

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3Drain the asparagus on a tea towel.

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4Use bacon, prosciutto, or thin deli ham. I used whipped cream cheese and chives, or it is also good with plain whipped cream cheese. Whipped cream cheese is easier to handle than the solid brick of cream cheese.

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5I used bacon for my wrapped asparagus. Separate the bacon slices and place between paper towels, and microwave the slices for only one minute. Remove and let cool. This warms the bacon, partially cooks it, and makes it easier to handle. It is also lower in calories.

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6Use three asparagus to a bundle. With a knife add about 1 tablespoon of cream cheese and chives to the center of each asparagus bundle and wrap with a strip of prosciutto or deli ham. Tie with a green onion bow if you wish.

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7Here is how they look wrapped with whipped cream cheese in the middle.
Spray both the foil-lined baking sheet, as well as tops of finished bundles with Pam olive oil kitchen spray. (This keeps them from drying out)

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8Bake 15 minutes or until asparagus is tender and bacon or prosciutto is nicely browned. I used cracked black pepper to sprinkle on the fresh cooked bundles. Enjoy! These lovely spears came from our garden!

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9The final result!

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10Mmmmmm take a bite!

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11Let's eat!

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