Puerto Rican rice (arroz con gandules)

Sandy Mika Recipe

By Sandy Mika mikasldy

5 Min
25 Min
Stove Top

I make rice for almost every family get together, if I don't have it , they're wondering why. Its something I always have on hand and its a quick fix.
(You can make sofrito ahead of time and freeze,to have on hand)
if you want to add ham, chicken or pork, dice some up and add it to the pan with the sofrito. You can change out the gandules for red beans or garbanzos, make it your own :]

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4 c
5 1/2 c
1 -8oz can(s)
tomatoe sauce
1 -15oz can(s)
gandules (pigeon peas)
4 - 5 Tbsp
1 tsp
adobo powder
1 pkg
sazon seasoning
olives with pimiento
salt to taste
4 Tbsp

Directions Step-By-Step

heat pan,on med high flame, then add oil, heat oil, then add sofrito,and olives and cook for a few minutes.
add tomatoe sauce cook 2 minute , add sazon, adobo, cook until sauce begins to thicken a little.(it gets a little thicker and kinda bubbly) I don't know how else to explain it.
add rice and stir to coat rice with sauce, continue cooking and turning rice,( until rice grains start to turn white) then add water and gandules.
stir once and leave it alone, continue to cook , when it comes to a boil, add salt, stir once, cover and turn down flame to low. DO NOT LIFT COVER !!! Leave to cook for about 25 minutes.
lift cover and turn rice , serve.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Rice Sides
Main Ingredient: Rice/Grains
Regional Style: Latin American

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Emily Fields Johnson auntiem1964
Jun 14, 2012
Thanks for sharing. I'm not familiar with sazon. Maybe I can order online if I can't locate it.
Sandy Mika mikasldy
Jun 14, 2012
Its usually in the spanish section by the GOYA seasonings it comes in a box of little packets, they have a few different kinds , I usually by the orange box which has coriander & annatto in it.
Rose Rauhauser NewYorkWoman
Jun 14, 2012
Sandy,the sofrito too?? I'll look today. I've never made much spanish food but love it when we eat out. It's Puerto Rican or is it primarily part of all Spanish cooking, love the way your plate looks!!! Can't wait to try it. My Mom's best friend is Cuban and her rice dishes are different. As I said I'll look today. Thanks
Sandy Mika mikasldy
Jun 14, 2012
you can buy sofrito in the spanish section also, but it doesn't come near to having the same flavor. I did post my sofrito recipe, tho' it makes a big batch that I freeze in baggies.Or you can just add some onion, green pepper , garlic and cilantro when you make your rice.
Desiree Taimanglo-Ventura si_dessa
Jul 22, 2012
Wonderful! I always see safrito and Sazon at the grocery store but never knew what dishes it actually went in. This recipe looks great.
Sandy Mika mikasldy
Jul 22, 2012
the sofrito in the jar is ok but you can just add green pepper , garlic, a little onion and cilantro thats what my sofrito is, and it will have more flavor then if you use the jar