Rice Side Recipes

Basil Tomato Salad Recipe

Basil Tomato Salad

By Belinda Ramsey
I LOVE this salad! Not only does it taste yummy... it's extremely EASY!! The best of...

Slow Cooker Rice, Beans, & Salsa Recipe

Slow Cooker Rice, Beans, & Salsa

By Mary Lundschen
These are on hand ingredients, just don't know if you have the quantities...This photo shows dish...

Creamy Spanish Rice Recipe

Creamy Spanish Rice

By Diane M.
This is a nice change from your standard potatoes or plain rice...My family members tried this...

Slow Cooker Redneck Rice Recipe

Slow Cooker Redneck Rice

By Morcash Sweat
My red rice is Southern redneck not Spanish red rice. Picture courtesy of google images.

Pumpkin Pie Rice Pudding Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Rice Pudding

By Pat Duran
This looked so delicious I had to share..I love pumpkin and rice so this should be...