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CANDIED YAMS (you can freeze and serve later)

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Jewel's Story

I am a country girl and grew up on the farm. We grew a lot of what we ate. I just read that fuel and groceries are going up in price. So, I'm glad to have a lot of canned goodies and a freezer full of food. Something I learned as a child...Children today sure need to learn survival off the land!!Anyway, Candied Yams were a favorite for me as a child and I love them today. I loved candied yams, purple hull peas, fried okra and cornbread. Am I country or what? Enjoy.....


4 medium
sweet potatoes, not canned
1 c
white sugar
1 Tbsp
1 tsp
ascorbic acid (vitamin c)mixture with a dash of salt

Directions Step-By-Step

Peel yams; cut into 1/2 inch slices (may want to split again if width across is more than 3 inches.(Each individual slice should not be over 1 & 1/2 inches wide and not over 1/2 inch thick). Wash and drain slices.
If freezing: Blanche in boiling water 3 minutes, drain and cool quickly by dipping in ice water, draining real well. For slices from 4 medium sweet potatoes, MIX the cup of sugar, 1 Tbsp flour, the tsp of ascorbic acid, and the dash of salt. Mix with potato slices. Package in freezer bags, seal and freeze. TO COOK: Remove from freezer bag and place in baking dish. Sprinkle with 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice. Dot with 4 Tablespoons of Butter and pour 1/4 cup water over mixture. Bake in pre heated oven on 375 - 400 Degrees F. about an hour or until potatoes are tender and syrup is thick.
TO COOK IMMEDIATELY ON TOP OF STOVE:No need to blanch and drain. Just melt butter on med high stove eye, add potato slices, cover and steam until tender on med low heat. Remove lid, add sugar and other ingredients, cook until tender and syrup is thick. Be careful not to let potato slices stick or juice to cook down too low. Manipulate eye temperature to prevent this from happening. Can also cook in oven with above instructions.

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Course/Dish: Vegetables, Potatoes
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    Beverly Lowery skilletwonder - Oct 13, 2010
    I will take country anyday. I grew up with the same foods and as you, I fill my freezers each year and I still can jams,jellies,and pickles. I try to teach my son how to plant and harvest-but that is old foggie--He sure loves to eat it though.

    I also raise my own chickens for the eggs.
  • user
    Jewel Hall 0124 - Oct 13, 2010
    Girl, I love home grown eggs !!! Where do you live?? LOL We would make great neighbors....I sure want to keep you as my email buddy. Jewel
  • user
    Beverly Lowery skilletwonder - Oct 14, 2010
    I live in Evergreen, Al. about 100 miles south of Montgomery and 100 north of Mobile, if you look at the map. Small home town. I already have my collards, turnips and red top lettuce planted--been so dry though having to water each day. Will get a mess of turnips this week end.
  • user
    Jewel Hall 0124 - Oct 14, 2010
    Hey Beverly,
    I know exactly where you live lady. We are both Interstate 65 natives. I live in Cullman city, about 50 miles north of Birmingham. We are neighbors!!! My brother has a chickens but don't think he grows eggs anymore. His wife passed away last November from Kidney Failure. She was 61. They live in the country, he's retired from Drummond Coal and was a Baptist Minister for years. They never had any children. I try to get him to get out but he just doesn't go much at all. I would love for him to be more active but he doesn't feel well a lot of the time. I'm 67 and he's 65 but my baby sister says he looks a lot older than I do. I think it's because he acts older...Glad to have you for a neighbor. I am having to water my garden also. I have mustard, and winter cabbage and collards coming on. I have a patch of mixed greens still looking good but had to poison them. What is red top lettuce? I never grew any, is it a winter time green?..Hope we get rain soon but doesn't look like it. Just turning cold without rain. Tell me about your family. I have been married 40 year, husband has COPD and severe Diabetes. I have a son by a former husband who has been deceased a long time, he 48. He is living in Saudi right now and teaching on an 8 month contract. He left a couple of weeks ago, will be back in June. Very good to me and I miss his so bad. Our daughter is 40 and works in Occupational Therapy. I have 2 grand children, 21 and 17. The 21 year old is a girl and she has a little girl 8 months old. I'm one of six children all local, all living. Parents died in 2003 four months apart. He was 91 and she was 81. I've been a nurse since 1979 but not working now. Take care and best wishes...Jewel
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    Patsy Weaver loveisalive65 - Oct 17, 2010
    Good recipe. Thanks Jewel. Jewel and Beverly, thanks for bringing back such happy memories of farm life. I grew up on a farm in north central Mississippi and live in the country now after living in the city for a few years. We have a small garden every year. It is so nice to have fresh veggies from the freezer especially in the winter!