Chicken Fried Rice!!

Rhonda Steadman


I know there's tons n tons of recipes for this stuff, and that you can get it from any Chinese Take-Out place...but why do that when you can make it yourself?!

Just an FYI, I don't really measure stuff other than the rice because I really don't believe in sitting there and measuring. It takes the fun out of cooking.

My loving boyfriend has gotten pretty attached to this recipe and every time I make it, it gets better and better he says so that's a good thing.

A little background on me, I am mostly blind and partially deaf so my sense of taste and smell are extremely acute. Cooking comes naturally to me because of this! :)

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45 Min


1 1/2 c
jasmine rice (cold)
1 bunch
green onions
3 slice
bacon (low sodium and sliced)
2 large
1 large
boneless/skinless chicken breast
1/2 c
mr yoshida's teryaki sauce
3/4 c
soy sauce
2/3 c
peas n carrots
2-5 tsp
soy, canola, or peanut oil (prefer soy)

Directions Step-By-Step

Prepare the Jasmine rice as directed on the package. I prefer to use a rice steamer for convience and even cooking of rice.
Cut up the green onions up finely, pour the oil into a wok, then add the bacon pieces and cook slowly until the bacon is crispy.
Cut the boneless/skinless chicken breast up into small cubes and put into a pan with the Yoshida's sauce. Cook completely, put into a small bowl and clean the pan that was used to cook the chicken (you will use this later. You also do NOT need the Teryaki sauce, it scorches if you accidentally use too much heat so cook with care)
Clean the pan you cooked the chicken in and crack the eggs into a bowl, scramble the eff out of them then pour into the pan. Use some non stick spray and cook them till they are fine crumbles. Set aside.
After the bacon is crispy, mix the Jasmine Rice up into the pan, making sure that it doesn't stick to the wok.
Mix the eggs, chicken and soy sauce into the rice and turn the heat down to medium low and let cook, stirring semi constantly (don't walk away) After the rice looks brownish, add the peas n carrots and cook for two more mins.
Serve hot with BBQ'ed Teryaki Chicken Breasts or alone.

Enjoy! <3

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