Fruit Side Recipes

Apple Harvest Crunchy Crisp Salad Recipe

Apple Harvest Crunchy Crisp Salad


only 6 ingredients,This has been a family favorite at Family get togethers as long as I...

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Old Virginia Apple Cobbler Recipe

Old Virginia Apple Cobbler

By Amy Wallace

Taken from my late Aunt Dorothy's personal cookbooks. She was 92 at her parting and these...

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Creamy Orange Fluff Recipe

Creamy Orange Fluff

By Kris Ryan

Our family has this for Christmas dinner every year! It is affectionately known as "Orange Jello"...

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What is Heavy Cream? Recipe

What is Heavy Cream?

By JoSele Swopes

Functions and Uses Heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream, is used for filling baked goods and...

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