#Scones Recipes

Cream Scones Recipe

Cream Scones

By Susan Feliciano
I've seen several recipes for biscuits made with cream instead of shortening and milk, and was...

Sourdough Basic Biscuit Mix Recipe

Sourdough Basic Biscuit Mix

By deb baldwin
Another recipe for sourdough. This is a refrigerator recipe. This recipe will make biscuits (rolls), cinnamon knots, doughnuts...

Blueberry Smooches Recipe

Blueberry Smooches

By Susi Matthews
This cross between a scone and shortbread was invented after a friend who was having a...

Orange Cream Scones Recipe

Orange Cream Scones

By Yvonne Condit
I make this for our ladies English Afternoon Tea gatherings. This is the hit of the...

Apple Cheddar Scones Recipe

Apple Cheddar Scones

By Teresa Jacobson
Scones, in my book, get a bad rep. Most people think they are flavorless rocks. In...

Rosemary  Corn Scones Recipe

Rosemary Corn Scones

By Shelia Tucker
This is a sweet savory scone with a light flavor of rosemary. Recipe from an old...

Ginger Cream Scones Recipe

Ginger Cream Scones

By Sheryl Faulkner
I've been making these scones for years. I love the flavor of candied ginger alongside a...