Sauce Recipes From the Kitchens of Real Cooks

Lemon Frosting Recipe

Lemon Frosting

By Donna Woodford

This is simple but tastes fresh and lemony. My husband's favorite on his lemon cake

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Orange Hard Sauce Recipe

Orange Hard Sauce

By Susan Feliciano

I use this on my bread puddings. I love to pour it directly from the stove...

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Big Bill's Wild Rice & Cornbread Dressing Recipe

"Big Bill's" Wild Rice & Cornbread Dressing

By Bill Wentz

Taking the extra time to make the "scratch" cornbread is what makes this Dressing special, My...

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Al Verde Sauce Recipe

Al Verde Sauce

By Doreen Matthew

I got this recipe from a very good friend and now put it on everything. You...

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Cornbread Dressing Recipe

Cornbread Dressing

By Diane Springs

I combined two dressing recipes and came up with this one. It worked out great. If...

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