Sauce, Spread & Seasoning Recipes

Russ’s Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Russ’s Hollandaise Sauce

By Russ Myers
Anytime is the time for this lush, creamy, lemon and buttery flavored sauce. Great served over...

Russ's Fish Beer Batter Recipe

Russ's Fish Beer Batter

By Russ Myers
The best darn batter you'll ever taste. It's easy to make and guaranteed to make any...

Russ's Ham Salad Recipe

Russ's Ham Salad

By Russ Myers
This ham salad is sure to please everyone. Can be eaten as a sandwich or used...

Crusted Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Crusted Beef Tenderloin

By Russ Myers
Adding this special sauce before baking creates an exceptional tasting beef tenderloin.

Russ's Original Bechamel Sauce Recipe

Russ's Original Bechamel Sauce

By Russ Myers
A French white sauce from which many other sauces descend. Depending upon the food to be...

Buttermilk Dressing Recipe

Buttermilk Dressing

By Russ Myers
Dieters, note just how low the calories are in this recipe. (About 10 calories per tablespoon)