Spinach Cherry Bleu Delight

Christine Garza


The delicious flavors enhance each other so well. This is fast, easy and very satisfying.

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15 Min


10 Min


Pan Fry


lemon roasted chicken ( fully cooked)
dole all natural salad kit, spinach cherry almond bleu
sliced jalapeno carrots ( from a can of jalapeno and carrots.
cauliflower, small florets
broccoli florets
small pitted black olives
red onion slices
tomatoes, sliced
blue cheese crumbled
texas olive ranch rattlesnake olive oil
mccormick perfect pinch garlic & herb salt free seasoning
boiled egg slices
sunsweet ones amazing prunes ( individually wrapped for freshness)

Directions Step-By-Step

For Croutons; In an iron skillet heat Texas Ranch Rattlesnake Olive Oil. Add cubed torta Roll or your choice of fresh sub roll. Sprinkle with McCormicks Perfect Pinch Garlic & Herb salt free Seasoning as you stir the cubes lightly. Set aside.
On a plate add spinach leaves.
( Save the cherry almond bleu package for last step) ..
top with boiled egg slices, red onion slices, jalapeno carrots, black olives, broccoli florets and cauliflower florets.
Add chunks or shredded pieces of cooked roasted lemon pepper chicken. top with crumbled blue cheese and the package from spinach salad kit of almonds, cherries etc. Enjoy with your favorite dressing or with the dressing in the kit. It is a delicious White Balsamic vinaigrette. So delicious!
Lastly, You have the fresh prune to end your meal with and it is good for your digestion.

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