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By Lily Moritz SugarNSpiceLily

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1 1/2 cups

My Grandma was notorious for her home cooked family favorites. There was never a visit without a hot, homemade pie. Another recipe was for this eggplant dip. My Poppy adored this dip! She had given me the recipe, but I lost it. Poppy has since passed on and Grandma has dementia, and so for the last couple of years, I tried searching the internet without luck. Luck changed when Grandma and I were looking at a recipe for ratatouille, when it all came back to her!

Wooden utensils are recommended to avoid oxidization.

pinch tips: How to Debone a Chicken


1 medium
1 tsp
oil (i suggest olive oil, it's healthiest. start with 1 teaspoon. another recipe we found says 4-5 tablespoons. you may not need all of that.)
1 medium
onion (finely grated, or finely chopped)
3 large
garlic cloves, mashed (the amount you use is to your preference)
salt and pepper to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

Microwave until soft.

I don't recall the exact microwaving time, but I recommend starting with five minutes and then another five, then another, until it will slightly 'sink' in it's appearance. DO NOT OVERCOOK!
After cooking, cut the green tips off. Peel the skin, cut in half and scoop out the seeds.

I remember my grandmother using a grapefruit spoon for this.
Mash the meat in a bowl. Use a little olive oil. Start with 1 teaspoon.
Add salt, pepper, onion, and garlic (optional).
Cover, chill and serve with crackers or matzoh. This makes an excellent accompaniment alongside your vegetable trays!

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