PORTUGUESE VINHO d"ALHOS (wine and garlic marinade

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By maria maxey crazychelf

1 cup
15 Min

One of many great recipes and the aroma through the house as mom made the marinade meats.O.M.G. ITS ALL SO GOOD.OUR memories are still passing it on.........

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3 to4 clove
fresh garlic
1 Tbsp
portuguese paprika
1 tsp
coarse salt or to taste
black peppercorns
1 Tbsp
portuguese olive oil
1 c
red (or white wine or equal amounts of both.
this marinade is for chicken,pork,beef.
1 Tbsp
fresh minced crushed red pepper.

Directions Step-By-Step

USING your chef knife (or any knife,smash the garlic cloves,and finely chopped.
ADD all dry ingredients ,one at a time.
BLENDING well,Drizzle 1 tablespoon olive oil .

RUB,RUB the meat with the spices mixture,and place in a nonreactive dish.
POUR the wine over the meat to partially or entirely
cover it, depending on the recipe.

MARINATE the meat, turning occasionally, for several hours.ITS best to marinade over night,in the refrigerator.


About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Marinades, Other Sauces
Dietary Needs: Vegetarian
Other Tags: Quick & Easy, For Kids, Healthy

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maria maxey crazychelf
Jan 9, 2012
Thank you Vanessa.
Genny Miller gendee
Jan 30, 2012
Thank you, Maria for this recipe. May I ask what type of wine that you use for the marinade?
maria maxey crazychelf
Jan 30, 2012
I usually use a light white wine.Or if its the other recipe i use the red wine.ITS up to you to use either your favorite wine,or any that's on sale.That way you can enjoy a good glass chilled wine ,with your dinner.So on that note,just buy the wine you like. My own use for this recipe.Was Sutterhomes moscato white. Or Riunite D'oro moscote,either red or white.Very smooth and fruity and crisp.
Genny Miller gendee
Jan 30, 2012
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate it. It all sounds good....I will use whichever wine sounds good to me at the time, or that I have handy. I especially like the idea of having a nice glass of good, chilled wine with the meal. Hey, I'm not Portuguese for nothing! I always enjoy a glass of wine or two. :o) Thanks again!
maria maxey crazychelf
Jan 30, 2012
Welcome Genny,and please vote on my recipes and keep the questions or comments coming.Thank you.
Lorena Madison nana95641
Oct 24, 2012
I know this is not how to spell it but I am looking for a recipe for
Vingadaush? My husbands family use to make it all the time but no one got the recipe from the ones who made it before they passed. Can you help?
maria maxey crazychelf
Oct 24, 2012
Hello Lorena .Here is my recipe for vinho d; ahos.Please copy and enjoy my portuguese recipe for (wine &garlic marinade. Enjoy itMom would add the meat to a good seal tight container and ,add the marinade sauce ,over the meat.REF. for over night or up to 24 hours,or more.O.M.G. the house smells like heaven once you open the lid,and starting cooking.Enjoy it.HAPPYCOOKDIVA MARIA