Orange Pepper Jelly

Donna Graffagnino Recipe

By Donna Graffagnino StillWild

Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Stove Top

This jelly is wonderful served with crackers and cream cheese or as a warm sauce for Boudin Balls or Coconut Shrimp.


2 - 6 oz
cans frozen orange juice concentrate
2 1/2 c
4 - 6
jalapeno or cayenne peppers, coarsely chopped
1/2 c
jalapeno or cayenne peppers, seeded and minced
4 1/2 c
3 pkg
powdered pectin or 4 pouches of liquid pectin
red & yellow food coloring (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

Wearing plastic gloves, remove seeds and ribs from 6-8 jalapeno or cayenne peppers and mince peppers. Store in covered container in refrigerator until needed. Separately reserve seeds for later.
Combine orange juice concentrate with water. Add reserved seeds and coarsley chopped jalapeno or cayenne peppers to orange juice and store in refrigerator overnight.
Strain seeds and peppers from orange juice and discard. If you desire a very clear jelly, strain juice and seeds through a fine mesh strainer, then again through a layer of white paper towels and discard peppers. seeds and residue.
Add reserved minced peppers to strained OJ. In large sauce pan combine orange juice and powdered pectin pectin; cook on high heat, stirring constantly, until bubbles form around edges.
Add sugar, stirring well, and bring back to a full rolling boil. Cook for 1 minute stirring constantly. Remove from heat and skim foam from top. If you want a richer orange color add add 2 drops of yellow to 1 drop of red food coloring. Stir and repeat until it reaches desired color.
Pour into sterile jelly jars to within 1/2 inch of top. Seal tightly and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes, remove from hot water and allow to set. I've found that orange jelly is sometimes finicky and won't always set up firm, so the hot water bath should do the trick.

I always keep the fire on low under the jelly when putting it into the jars and the last several jars always set up better.

*Note: Orange jelly could take up to 2 weeks to completely set, yet sometimes it only reaches a soft set, depending on temperature, humidity and who knows what else!
*Tip: Place clean jars on a baking sheet and place in a 250 degree F oven for 20 minutes. Reduce temperature to 225 degrees F to keep jars hot until ready to use.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Spreads, Jams & Jellies
Main Ingredient: Sugar
Regional Style: Southern

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Donna Graffagnino StillWild
Jun 3, 2015
Judy, the increase is correct. I've found that it sets up better with extra pectin rather than sometimes being a semi-set sauce. I'm trying to remember but it should make 20-22 half pints. Don't make jelly on a rainy day.
Joey Wolf 8of10
May 29, 2015
just a suggestion, there is so much added crap in our water now, you might want to use Nursery water for your canning, it may clear up some of the cloudyness you are seeing

Donna, I want to know more about the Boudin balls.....I LOVE Boudin sausage, my son always has some for me, when I visit him....all we can get up north is Andolli and I just can't develope a fondness for it....too spicy. lol
Bob Cooney - Shaklee Distributor firemanbob59
May 29, 2015
Pinched and shared with a Smile :)

Hoping that the " Queens " haven't " corrupted You as well ???
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