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By Valerie Butler pepsilluver

Makes 4 - 6, 8 or 12 oz jars
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You know how occasionally you go out for breakfast. You get toast in your breakfast and they bring you the jellies. My favorite has always been the Mixed Fruit Jelly. It is getting harder and harder to find. By the time you order it online and pay the shipping, you are paying $12 a bottle. Not going to do that. So I read up on Smuckers Mixed Fruit Jelly, what was in it. This is the recipe I came up with after a couple hit and misses. It may not be it. . . . but really close! This uses juice bought at store, believe me, alot faster!


1 1/2 c
100% grape juice (purple, store bought is fine)
1 1/2 c
100% cherry juice (store bought is fine)
2 c
100% apple juice (again, go with store bought)
6 1/2 c
sugar, pre measured into a container
1 box
powdered pectin
1 tsp
butter or margarine

Directions Step-By-Step

Measure out your sugar into a container that is easily pourable. You will want to pour it quickly. Set it beside your stove, to have handy. Have a timer handy as well.
Get your jars and lids ready. Have your jars sterilized and your lids heating, for a better seal.
Make sure your pot is large enough for the boiling process so it doesn't boil over. Measure the juice into a pot on the stove, whisk in your powdered pectin until it is thoroughly dissolved. Add your margarine.
Turn stove onto a high heat and bring to a boil. When at a full boil, add the sugar and stir in well till dissolved. Keep stirring until at a full rolling boil. Let it continue to boil for 1 minute while stirring. Set the timer for that 1 minute or watch the clock, you can go over a hair, not under.
Remove from heat and skim the foam off. Pour immediately into prepared jars, put lids and rings on and set on a towel, in a dry area with little air flow. Some people set their jars upside down to make it seal, I personally do not. They all ping, so I know I have a good seal.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Jams & Jellies
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Larrry Jones WindmillPoint_Pens
Sunday at 1:34 PM
Just made a batch yesterday with a little (okay, a lot!) help from a friend. It came out great. I was having the same problem as you were finding my favorite jelly and this was a terrific solution. My only disagreement was in how much this recipe made. I ended up with 6 eight ounce jars plus another 1 and 1/2 pint jars of finished jelly. If you are using 60 ounces of juice plus 6.5 cups of sugar you are sure to end up with more than 48 ounces of finished jelly. Not unhappy with the result, just pleasantly surprised. I figured my total cost, excluding the reusable jars was about $1.50. Thank you.
Calene Greenhalgh caleneg
Jun 18, 2014
Oh, and I can't wait to try your strawberry preserves and some other recipes.
Calene Greenhalgh caleneg
Jun 18, 2014
OMG!!! I am so happy you went to the trouble to create this! I too have searched stores high and low and even paid the horrid prices to have it shipped! I moved in Oct from Phoenix to Maine, thought maybe it would be available here but no....! I can not wait to make this. I just made a batch of strawberry rhubarb yesterday, after discovering rhubarb growing in my new backyard! Thanks again and again!!
Valerie Butler pepsilluver
Jan 7, 2013
I am so glad you like it! I had to come up with that, like I said it is one of my favorites. You know I remember seeing the low sugar Sure Jel but was worried about using it. lol Now I know for sure. Thanks again for the comments.
Krista Foster kbabe1968
Jan 7, 2013
If you use Splenda, make sure to use a low-sugar Sure-Jel otherwise it will be runny. Make sure you post results, I'd love to know if it works.

Getting geared up to make another batch of this, the one I made a few months ago is allllll gone. When I bought the ingredients last time, I froze a batch of the juices mixed together, now I just need to defrost, add the sugars and sure-jel and can it! :)