Easy apple butter

Patricia Carter-Thompson


this is easy and you can make many different variations to your own tasting. Sugar is called for in this recipe but this is truly optional. You can omit it all together or use sugar substitute

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5 Min
8 Hr


9 qt
applesauce (fresh or canned)
2 Tbsp
cinnamon, ground
1 tsp
cloves, ground
1/2 tsp
allspice, ground
4 c
sugar or sweetner (optional)


2 1/2 Tbsp
pumpkin pie spices (this is my cheat)


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1add 5-6 qt of apple sauce to crock pot

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2add spices and half of the sugar if used

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3- set crock pot/slow cooker on low or med

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4- cook down apple sauce. If not cooked down visibly within 8 hrs turn heat to med. until visibly cooked down by half.

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5- while cooking cover crock pot/slow cooker loosely ( I use a wooden spoon or off set my lid to vent off moisture)

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6- you need to keep covered to prevent splatter. It will splatter while cooking. instead of a lid you could use a large pot splatter screen but I don't have one..I use my lid.

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7- cook for a total of 6-18 hrs

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8- Once reduced by half add remaining apple sauce and sugar cook on high for at least 2 hrs until thickened.

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9- Pack into clean hot jars leaving 1/4 inch headroom

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10- seat lid and tighten band onto jar

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11- process in boiling water for 10 min for quart jars for 10 min

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12- place upside down on dry towel to cool

- once cool turn right side up and store

- refrigerate apple butter once open

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13Hints & Tips:
for smoother consistency you can blend with a hand blender.
For those who like anise you can use 1/4 t. ground star anise or as much as you want to taste.
Some use red hot cinnamon candies in the apple butter while cooking. My Grandmother did.

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