Conecuh Sausage and Grits

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Janice's notes for this recipe:
My daddy came from Conecuh County Alabama so he knew about these sausages. Now Conecuh brand sausage is used down South for a lot of good cooking at least here in Alabama since it is made in Alabama. The recipe posted is one of my daddy's creations. It's simple but oh so good!
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Cut the sausage in desired pieces and number of pieces for your family. I just use a few because it is just my and husband and me.
Place pieces in oil in a fry pan and brown. Stir in a tablespoon of flour depending on how thick you like your gravy (my daddy's was always a lot thinner than mine). Add water gradually to get the thickness you desire for your gravy. Salt and Pepper to taste.
We serve this with grits but I'm sure you could bake some biscuits (catheads would probably be great)! When I was growing up sometimes we would have this for supper (dinner) on those cold fall days. Also, if you do not get Conecuh where you live I'm sure any Hickory Smoked Sausauge would be fine. I really don't know because I grew up on Conecuh.


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user Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Aug 23, 2012
This is one for the camping file. Going to be great over the fire.
user Janice Ross upthecountryjan - Aug 24, 2012
I agree! I hope you like it! Janice

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