Frozen Whole Lemons for Seasoning

Julie Madawi


Okay, I know you're gonna think I'm CRAZY, but my husband's friend told him about this, and so my hubby went and got a fresh lemon at the grocery store and just threw it in the freezer.

Once the lemon is completely frozen, you GRATE it, that's right I said grate, the whole thing, as you need it. He's been putting it on his salads, meats, etc. Just pull out the seeds as you run into them.

In one fell swoop, you get juice and rind for flavoring your dishes.

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Directions Step-By-Step

Take your large lemon, place it in a freezer bag, and throw it in the freezer. Once frozen solid, grate onto salads, pasta, veggies, etc. as desired.

Yup, that's it!

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