Oh soooo good fruit dip, pie filling and cake topping/icing

Karen Vandevander Recipe

By Karen Vandevander KarenV

Prep Time:

This is an extremely easy and great tasting fruit dip that can also be used as a pie filling, cake topping or icing. It's light and compliments anything I've paired it with. This also freezes well and can be used to make frozen desserts too.


1 pkg
coolwhip (large tub, 2 small if large is not available)
1 pkg
vanilla instant pudding (large)
1 pkg
cream cheese (8 oz block)
1 can(s)
pineapple juice (small)
1 large
mixing bowl
fruit or cake of your choice

Directions Step-By-Step

Set cream cheese out to soften or place block in the bowl you're going to use and microwave for about 10-15 seconds. You want the cream cheese to mix smoothly with your spatula or whisk.
Add pineapple juice to cream cheese in small amounts whisking the mixture smooth each time.
Add coolwhip to cream cheese mixture by heaping spatula fulls, mixing with the spatula until well combined and the entire tub has been incorporated.
Add 1/2 of the vanilla instant pudding and whisk until thoroughly mixed. Scrape down the sides with your spatula and give a good mix. Add remainder of the pudding and again whisk until thoroughly mixed. Remember to scrape the sides and give a good mix again. You can add different extracts to suit your taste, but I would recommend tasting prior to adding any additional flavoring.
Serve with fresh fruit (with strawberries is very delicious), on top of a cake, use it as a pie filling for a frozen or cold dessert, eat it alone, or use it to layer a triffle. This is a very versitle and can be used for many different things. Let your imagination run wild!
The mixture can be thinned or thickened to your preference by adding more or less pudding. Preparing as is will have a marshmallow fluff type consistency.
You can substitute the pineapple juice with a liquid of your choice. I've used coffee and espresso to make pies. Very, very good.

I've also used milk and then flavored with various extracts to make lemmon, almond and mint. For a deeper more complex adult dessert, substitute the pineapple juice with the liquor of your choice.

I've also changed out the pudding to chocolate, banana cream, and strawberry to make a really great strawberry cake and different cream pies. I've also used it to top my strawberry shortcake. Again, get creative and experiment. It's a great base to your great recipe.
If you taste the recipe and it has a "gritty" texture, don't worry it's just the pudding that hasn't desolved. Put it in the fridge for about 30 mins and mix again. It will be smooth as silk. I've only ever had this happen to me once.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Dips, Fruit Sauces, Spreads
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Karen Vandevander KarenV
May 8, 2014
Hi Heather and welcome to JAP! I'm so glad you tried and liked this recipe. It's always been a hit when I've done anything with it. It's so simple and tastes so good. I used it a couple weeks ago on top of a lemon cake and to make it super lemony, I substituted the vanilla pudding for lemon and also used a can of lemon pie filling. It turned out delicious. There was quite a bit of topping left over, but my cousin's polished that off with bowl and spoon...lol
Heather Salter Hesapink
May 5, 2014
Just like to share, I'm a beginner at baking and frosting cakes and cupcakes.This past Saturday I made this recipe for my first time and WOW! I had sm good reviews :-) this will definitely be one of my frostings I make along w my buttercream. YUMMO!!
Karen Vandevander KarenV
Mar 12, 2012
Now THAT I could get into...LOL You know, it's funny how you meet people on here and just with they were closer. I bet I could turn the two of you onto Mahjong. I love playing and I miss my Saturday group. I bet we'd have a blast playing games and drinking! lol
Penney Goodwin penneypepper
Mar 12, 2012
Oh we must be connected some how ....lol I love it straight! Me and my daughter in law play Domino's for shots !! LOL
Karen Vandevander KarenV
Mar 11, 2012
Ahh, Penny...a woman after my own heart...lol My favorite way to enjoy Stroh rum is in a very large cup of hot tea, with a bit of agave nectar. Cheers!