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Family Favorite Salmon Patties Recipe

Family Favorite Salmon Patties

By Carol *

I have been making these tasty salmon patties for many years. My family especially likes the...

Salmon-Potato Soup Recipe

Salmon-Potato Soup

By Sharon Colyer

I adopted this unclaimed recipe & made a couple of tweaks. Tasty. Will love it even...

Debra's Salmon Soup Recipe

Debra's Salmon Soup

By Debra Brown

I have been fortunate to participate in the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry for over 30 years....

Salmon Loaf Recipe

Salmon Loaf

By Elsie Perrett

This is great with a creamed pea sauce, which is basically a white sauce with peas....

Maple-Glazed Salmon Recipe

Maple-Glazed Salmon

By deb baldwin

A different way to cook salmon, when you do not feel like bar-b-queing. Dacor Recipes

Nova Tomato Compote Sammies Recipe

Nova Tomato Compote Sammies

By Sherri Williams

My dinner tonight, great nova sammies. I made some homemade tomato compote yesterday and actually made...

Southern Style Salmon Patties Recipe

Southern Style Salmon Patties

By Jaylene Mattocks

Can substitute Lemon-Pepper Seasoning vs. fresh lemon juice and ground pepper (reduce to 1 egg if...

Always moist Salmon ;) Recipe

Always moist Salmon ;)

By Christy Perry

This puts two of my favorite foods together; Walla Walla sweet onions & salmon. You basically...

Lo-Carb Salmon Patties Recipe

Lo-Carb Salmon Patties

By Elsie Perrett

I modified a salmon loaf recipe to fit the lo-carb lifestyle. I made it salmon...