Popeye’s pizza “not the chicken joint”

Irisa Raina 9


This is a pizza I use to get when I lived in Michigan. It was a burger/pizza joint owned by this amazing Greek family. Sadly it is no longer in business I have been told by family and friends.

I think I came pretty close to recreating this pizza, with the exception of the crust. I just could not figure it out so I am going with a pre-made one for this recipe, because whatever they did was not a traditional one.

Also I would like to add that I love a recipe that some or all of the components can be made ahead of time { it’s great for cleanup } and this one is certainly one of them!

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1 – 12 inch pre made pizza crust
½ pound ground lamb
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 teaspoons fine sea salt
3 tablespoons fresh ground pepper
¼ teaspoon oregano
2 large garlic cloves { grated over the lamb }
small pinch cinnamon { and i do mean small }
3 ounces fresh baby spinach { stems removed }
6 ounces of goat cheese { at room temperature }
6 ounces feta cheese
1 - 5.3 container of greek yogurt { drained in a strainer over night in the refrigerator }
mixed greens for salad { you’ll want to use strong greens for this } not like a romaine type salad.
use about ½ cup of each, mixed greens and arugula.
¼ cup italian salad dressing
1 lemon washed { zested then juiced } keep the zest and juice separate
2 teaspoons turbinado sugar


1In a non stick frying pan get the olive oil hot and add the ground lamb, salt, pepper, garlic and cinnamon. Fry this until the lamb is fully cooked and a little browned.
2While the lamb is cooking, bring the goat cheese to room temperature. Once it has softened a wee bit it, crumble the Feta cheese into it and mix again, try not to smoosh the Feta { you’ll want to keep the delicious chunks of the cheese in there } mix the yogurt & lemon zest together and mix into the cheeses, set aside.
4Mix the Italian dressing with the juiced lemon and sugar. Whisk really well and refrigerate. Once you have the pizza in the oven, pull this out and when you are ready to assemble the salad whisk this really well.
Pre heat the oven to 375
6Lay the crust on a pizza pan, top with the fresh spinach, top the spinach with the cooked lamb, top with the cheese mixture.
7Bake for about 45 to 50 minutes { depending on your oven } and let the pizza rest for 5 minutes on the pan before cutting it.
8While the pizza is baking, bring out the salad and drizzle the dressing over it and toss to completely coat, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. If you think the salad is a little dry, make more dressing. After you have the pizza on a plate top it with the salad. Let the dressing seep into the pizza! This is not your typical saucy and wet pie, this more on the dry side but with tons of flavor.

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Lamb
Regional Style: Greek