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Lori's Story

My family loves cole slaw. Cole slaw can be healthy, but some has a lot of sugar & chemicals. We try to eat as clean as possible & limit our refined sugar intake, so I came up with this super healthy cole slaw. Low in sugar & high in fiber & nutrients. Our family & friends LOVE it! I hope you enjoy!


2 bag(s)
shredded cabbage & carrots (cole slaw mix)
1/2 medium
onion, finely chopped or minced
1/2 medium
apple, finely chopped or minced
3/4 c
mayo with olive oil
1/4 c
plain greek yogurt
1 Tbsp
apple cider vinegar
1 tsp
lime juice
1 Tbsp
orange juice
1 tsp
3/4 c
stevia or ideal
1 tsp
cayenne pepper or louisiana hot sauce

Directions Step-By-Step

Empty one bag of cabbage, onion & apple into a LARGE bowl. You need a LARGE bowl in order to mix everything up well. It will look like a lot, but after it sits for awhile, it shrinks way down.
DRESSING - Add all dressing ingredients to a medium bowl& whisk together until completely smooth. If dressing is a little thick, add a couple of teaspoons of milk to think it out.
Pour dressing over cabbage & mix until thoroughly coated. Add the remaining bag of cabbage & mix until all is thoroughly coated.
Refrigerate at least a few hours before serving, preferable overnight. Taste better the longer it sits.

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Vegetable
Regional Style: American
Dietary Needs: Diabetic
Other Tags: Quick & Easy, Healthy

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Oct 18, 2013 - Lori Newton shared this recipe with discussion group: ANTI INFLAMMATORY EATING
Oct 8, 2013 - Lori Newton shared this recipe with discussion groups: Cooking healthy Diabetic Recipes & Talking Diabetics/Hep.C For Diabetics
Laura Darragh Laulee
Aug 17, 2013
Hi Lori; Thank you for getting back to me so fast..I'm diabetic as well..I have to do 5 needles a day..So I have to be careful as well.Thanks for sharing..Laura
Lori Newton lokie64
Aug 16, 2013
Hi! Stevia and Ideal are all natural sweeteners with zero or very low glycemic index so they are safe for diabetics. I am diabetic, so I need to stay away from sugar, but I do NOT eat artificial sweeteners. Stevia & Ideal (xylitol) are safe to your body whereas artificial sweeteners (aspartame, splenda, etc.) are toxic to our bodies.
Laura Darragh Laulee
Aug 16, 2013
Hi Lori; What is Stevia and or ideal. This coleslaw sounds good..Thank you