Lettuce Salad Recipes

Yummy Honey & Baked Garlic Balsamic Dressing Recipe

Yummy Honey & Baked Garlic Balsamic Dressing

By Andy Anderson !
This dressing is totally addictive. There are only a few ingredients, and it’s easy/peasy to make....

Yummy Salad Recipe

Yummy Salad

By Patricia Bell
Got this recipe at one of my husband's pot luck lunches at work years ago. ...

Zesty Ravioli Salad Recipe

Zesty Ravioli Salad

By Nancy Allen
We love this wonderful salad and you can use any flavor toasted ravioli in it. it's...

~ My Western Salad ~ Yum! Recipe

~ My Western Salad ~ Yum!

By Cassie *
I've enjoyed this simple, yet fast salad since I can remember. My aunt would always make...

~ Simple Tasty Salad ~ Cassies Recipe

~ Simple Tasty Salad ~ Cassies

By Cassie *
Love this simple yet tasty salad...I hope you try it sometime. This is my humble creation....