Lettuce Salad Recipes

Horiatiki (Greek Country Salad) Recipe

Horiatiki (Greek Country Salad)

Marsha Gardner
By Marsha Gardner

Food of the gods, fresh tomatoes from the garden, black olives you marinate yourself, feta cheese,...

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Hot cherry pepper chicken over salad Recipe

Hot cherry pepper chicken over salad

Dana DiGs
By Dana DiGs

When I have fine, I like to prepare ahead of time.. And marinating meats are always...

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Hot Mexican Salad Recipe

Hot Mexican Salad

Melanie B
By Melanie B

This tastes SOOO good. I have had this recipe for over 25 years. Mrs Goertz use...

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House Salad Recipe

House Salad


This simple salad brings so much to the table. Served with a homemade cream-based dressing, it's...

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How to Sweeten Onions Recipe

How to Sweeten Onions

Sherry Blizzard
By Sherry Blizzard

There is a little out of the way bbq joint in between High Rolls and Cloudcroft,...

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