yummy grape salad

Lanah Harris Recipe

By Lanah Harris Lanah

although I come from a small family, my husband has 4 sisters and a brother. we love to get together for birthdays, holidays and summer bbq. this is one of my favorites that a sister in law always makes...I know youll love it too! maybe it will be a tradition must have at your family function too.
as i post this recipe this is the 1st time i had to put ingredient measurements to this recipe, so feel free to adjust the amount of ingredients to your own taste.

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Prep Time:


16 oz
cream cheese
8 oz
sour cream
6 c
grapes, seedless
1 1/2 c
brown sugar, lightly packed
1 c


remove stems and wash grapes, set aside in colander. let cream cheese soften and then fold cream cheese, sour cream and brown sugar togther. mix in walnuts. chill till served.