Chicken Salad Recipes

Chicken pasta salad Recipe

Chicken pasta salad

Mikki Miller
By Mikki Miller

This salad is great right away but even better if stored overnight in the refrigerator. ...

Chicken Salad - Merridee's Recipe

Chicken Salad - Merridee's

Leslie Holt
By Leslie Holt

I got this recipe from Merridee's in Franklin; however I did change it up a bit!...

Chicken Salad ala Grand Mama Anna Recipe

Chicken Salad ala Grand Mama Anna

Gary Hancq
By Gary Hancq

Grandma never put a poor chicken on the table, whether they be stewed, fried , roasted,...

Hot Chicken Salad Recipe

Hot Chicken Salad

Carla Skiles
By Carla Skiles

This is one of those recipes that my family just cannot get enough of. I...

My Own Family Chicken Salad Recipe

My Own Family Chicken Salad

Lana Bade
By Lana Bade

This is a rendition of my mother's chicken salad,I made some additions and include using rotissere...

Vegetarian Chicken Salad Recipe

Vegetarian Chicken Salad

Brett Patterson
By Brett Patterson

Serve on a summer day with some crusty whole grain bread, cool mixed greens and tomato...