#Rotel Recipes

Catfish Courtboullion Recipe

Catfish Courtboullion

By Jessica Hannan
I wanted something spicy and something fish at the same time. I thought 'Time to pull...

Man Dip Recipe

Man Dip

By Debby Weathers
There was a lady back home in Mississippi who had this recipe and refused to share...

Crock Pot Dip Recipe

Crock Pot Dip

By Joey Urey
This came from "Schertz~Cibolo Valley Lioness Club" cookbook (of which I was a member) I have used...

Cucumber Salsa Recipe

Cucumber Salsa

By Sheila Devor
I absolutely love this salsa! It doesn't stick around long in my house or when I...

Gigi's Fresh Salsa Recipe

Gigi's Fresh Salsa

By Georgane Vann
Fresh because it's not cooked. If you made it from fresh tomatoes use green chilies as...