Southern Recipes

French Onion Meatballs Recipe

French Onion Meatballs

Elaine Bovender
By Elaine Bovender

This is a wonderful recipe for parties and get togethers of all kinds and they always...

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Teresa ;-)
By Teresa ;-)

You probably shouldn't eat this every day of the week, but it's so delicious, you just...

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Dixie Drive Chili Recipe

Dixie Drive Chili

Barbara Hahn
By Barbara Hahn

This chili tends to be Southern with the caramelized Vidalia onions and the Louisiana creamy red...

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Pecan Pie Balls Recipe

Pecan Pie Balls

Camille Pohtilla
By Camille Pohtilla

The yummiest part of a Pecan Pie with a little kick! I made these for Thanksgiving and...

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Layered Fresh Apple Cake Recipe

Layered Fresh Apple Cake

Maddie Bell
By Maddie Bell

Enjoy this cake quickly...once everyone tries it, it will disappear fast! No matter where my brother...

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Broccoli and Cheese Casserole Recipe

Broccoli and Cheese Casserole

Jeanne Benavidez
By Jeanne Benavidez

This is a great company-pleaser. It is so easy to make yet so delicious and

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Bacon Biscuit Bites Recipe

Bacon Biscuit Bites

David Reeves
By David Reeves

For those mornings when you wake up smelling bacon frying in your mind . . ....

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Man Catching Fried Chicken Recipe

Man Catching Fried Chicken

Leah Stacey
By Leah Stacey

This chicken promises to "catch a man". If he doesn't take the bait then he isn't...

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Frito Corn Salad Recipe

Frito Corn Salad

Pamela Floyd
By Pamela Floyd

This recipe was given to me by my neice. Not long after she was married...

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Cornmeal Pound Cake Recipe

Cornmeal Pound Cake

Diane Hughes
By Diane Hughes

This one is unusual but my family loves it. I don't remember where I got it...

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Diane's Chocolate Chip Date Cake Recipe

Diane's Chocolate Chip Date Cake

Diane Hughes
By Diane Hughes

Doreen Simpson shared this recipe with me in 1976. It's moist and really tasty. Plus the chocolate...

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