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By Jeanne Benavidez

Jeanne Benavidez

Here is another idea for a Mardi Gras quick and easy dessert. Again, since I don't...

Mardi Gras King Cobbler Recipe

Mardi Gras King Cobbler

By Jeanne Benavidez

Jeanne Benavidez

I love Mardi Gras recipes and party ideas and I have enjoyed the King Cake though...

Mama's Chicken Pie Recipe

Mama's Chicken Pie

By Janet Crow

Janet Crow

This is one of our favorite chicken pies. When my son would come home from...

Doc' Biscuits Recipe

Doc' Biscuits

By Dave B

Dave B

Biscuits as we Americans know them are a light fluffy flaky bread usually eaten, but not...

Zucchini Bake Recipe

Zucchini Bake

By Lynette !

Lynette !

Great way to use up zucchini from the garden. And it can be served at...

Debbie's Death By Chocolate Bread Pudding Recipe

Debbie's Death By Chocolate Bread Pudding

By Debbie Thurmond

Debbie Thurmond

We had friends that we traditionally celebrate Valentines Day with. We got together this past...

Christmas Hominy Recipe

Christmas Hominy

By Rebecca Hallstrom

Rebecca Hallstrom

I call this Christmas Hominy because, for some reason, I only make it during the Christmas...

Pecan Pie Cheesecake Recipe

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

By Tammy Brownlow

Tammy Brownlow

I started working on this recipe years ago. I wanted to make something special for...