Southern Recipes

Nutty Maple Fudge Recipe

Nutty Maple Fudge

By Norene G.

This is wonderful to have on hand to serve during the holidays or take as a...

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Aunt Essie's Apple Brownies Recipe

Aunt Essie's Apple Brownies

By Norene G.

Aunt Essie was my great aunt. Don't know why she called these 'brownies,' unless it's because...

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Hearty Bean Soup Recipe

Hearty Bean Soup

By Barbara Scott

Weather is getting cool and it's time for some hearty soup! Served with sliced Italian bread,...

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Savory Chicken And Dumplings # 2 - Cassies Recipe

Savory Chicken And Dumplings # 2 - Cassies

By Cassie *

This is another of my thrown together recipes...I have to say I outdid was so...

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