Mexican Recipes

Crescent Taco Ring Recipe

Crescent Taco Ring

By Deb Wilson

Deb Wilson

This takes a little time to put together but is really good. I serve it...

Ranch Style Quiche Recipe

Ranch Style Quiche

By Geoffry Le Cher

Geoffry Le Cher

This was an orphan recipe that I found, tried out, made afew adds and modifications to,...

Michigan Nacho Recipe

Michigan Nacho

By joeyjoan K

joeyjoan K

When I first had this dish it was simply called Nacho's. The only place I was...

Pico de Gallo Recipe

Pico de Gallo

By Juliann Esquivel

Juliann Esquivel

Pico de Gallo translates to Roosters Beak. This is a great Pico de Gallo recipe right...

Traveling Tacos Recipe

Traveling Tacos

By Paula Collier

Paula Collier

This is great for a kid's party...tacos without the mess! Great as a "Taco Bar"...

Oven Omelet Recipe

Oven Omelet

By Gayle Kennedy

Gayle Kennedy

This is my family's favorite oven omelet to have for Easter Brunch. What's great is, it...

Nachos Recipe


By Jessica Hannan

Jessica Hannan

We love these around the house. They are really easy to make and really tasty too! I...