Mexican Recipes

Steak Fajitas  Recipe

Steak Fajitas

By Anton Visser

There are so many ways to enjoy steak, and this is one of those that allows...

Smoky Chicken Tacos/Scoops Recipe

Smoky Chicken Tacos/Scoops

By Echo Day

These started out as smoky chicken tacos, using leftovers from a rotisserie chicken, but ended up...

Crock Pot Tamale Pie Recipe

Crock Pot Tamale Pie

By Bobbi Jo Woods

I cannot fully claim this recipe as my own (I changed the cheeses that could be...

Jeanette's Taco Crunch Casserole Recipe

Jeanette's Taco Crunch Casserole

By Carla Skiles

I received this recipe from a co-worker that brings this to potluck get-togethers and it is...

Rattlesnake Eggs Recipe

Rattlesnake Eggs

By Dayna Chezem

These are like poppers if you have never had them and if you have had them...

Marie's Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Marie's Breakfast Burrito

By Marie Gunkel

I started making this burrito years ago. Not many people I know enjoy spinach but when...

Easy Hot Tamales Recipe

Easy Hot Tamales

By Debbie wright

I got this recipe from a co-worker and played around with it. I hate Tamales that...

Grilled Pico Burgers Recipe

Grilled Pico Burgers

By Helene Mulvihill

We have alot of fresh vegetables growing in our garden this year, and we're enjoying coming...

Mexican Manicotti My Way Recipe

Mexican Manicotti My Way

By Laura Yoder

I was undecided on what to fix for supper. I was teetering between mexican and italian...