Mexican Recipes

Spice up your menu with Mexican recipes. From salsa to enchiladas, you'll find something for everyone!


Flaky Chorizo Potato And Cheese Empanadas Recipe

Flaky Chorizo Potato and Cheese Empanadas

By Adriana Torres
Empanadas can be made in many different ways to compliment various stuffings. Here, I skipped the...

Chile Verde Tacos Recipe

Chile Verde Tacos

By Lynn Socko
What a delicious healthy dish. For low sodium be sure to make your own broth,...

Spicy Pork Tacos Recipe

Spicy Pork Tacos

By Barbara Perkins
I created this recipe to reproduce the authentic spicy pork tacos served at La Guadalupana restaurant...

Beef Chimichangas Recipe

Beef Chimichangas

By Teresa Malkemus
This dish is one of my personal favorites. It takes a little time and effort, but...

Mexican Chicken Casserole Recipe

Mexican Chicken Casserole

By Kim Biegacki
This is a very comforting Mexican casserole and is filling too. It is zesty, creamy and...