Italian Recipes

Cafe Vanilla Recipe

Cafe Vanilla

By Annacia *
Another coffee delight. Treat yourself to a special coffee topped with frothy vanilla-infused milk with just...

Pizza Poppers Recipe

Pizza Poppers

By Lynn Socko
BETTER than a pizza....honestly. So addicting, I may never make pizza again.

Cheesey Vegetarian Roll Ups Recipe

Cheesey Vegetarian Roll Ups

By Lori Frazee
We do the meatless meals periodically and have several vegetarian friends, so I have to have...

Zucchini / Spaghetti Recipe

Zucchini / Spaghetti

By Carol Junkins
Have been making this for years, as my husband loves it with our fresh zucchini from...

Barb's Spicy Bacon And Pea Risotto Recipe

Barb's Spicy Bacon and Pea Risotto

By barbara lentz
I was looking for a side dish to make and thought these ingredients sounded good together....

Cilantro Dip Recipe

Cilantro Dip

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
The beautiful color, aroma and freshness of this dip makes the waning season of summer come...

Light Garlic Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

Light Garlic Fettuccine Alfredo

By Anita Hoffman
Heavy cream has been replaced with evaporated milk to make this more calorie conscious. Delicious! Photo adapted...

Penne  Pasta Meat Ball Dinner Recipe


By Rose Mary Mogan
This dinner can be prepared easily if you are using store bought varieties or using my...