Italian Recipes

Capellini Alio Olio Recipe

Capellini Alio Olio

By Linda DeBenedittis

Linda DeBenedittis

One of the early recipes my Italian American Husbands Family in Italy taught me to make...

No Boil Lasagna Recipe

No Boil Lasagna

By Ali Pica

Ali Pica

It's great with ground beef or without! If you add ground beef, 1 lb 85%...

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Peppers

By Ali Pica

Ali Pica

Proportions of the recipe can be altered according to how many peppers you use (e.g. 4...

Hand Pizza Recipe

Hand Pizza

By mary Armstrong

mary Armstrong

This is so simple to put together. WE LOVE this. It is made without...



By Brenda Watts

Brenda Watts

Now that my kids are grown we often get together and talk about all the fun...

Pizza Experiment Recipe

Pizza Experiment

By Susan Feliciano

Susan Feliciano

This thought just came to me - what if you used 2 flour tortillas for a...