French Recipes

Dee's Kahlua Truffles Recipe

Dee's Kahlua Truffles

Dee Stillwell
By Dee Stillwell

I have expeimented with truffle recipes over the years and this is the final tweaked recipe...

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Lemon Chicken Recipe

Lemon Chicken

Diane Hughes
By Diane Hughes

This recipe was given to me when I lived in Crawford, GA 34 years ago by...

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Monte Cristo Sandwhich Recipe

Monte Cristo Sandwhich

Debbie wright
By Debbie wright

When we have sandwhich night at our house this is what my husband always request. This...

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Sauce-Pecan( PIQUANT) or PEAK-AWNT Recipe

Sauce-Pecan( PIQUANT) or PEAK-AWNT

kathy young
By kathy young

Daddy's Sauce-Pecan recipe! this was one of Daddy's favorite meals to cook! he loved serving this...

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French Meat Pie Recipe

French Meat Pie

JoSele Swopes
By JoSele Swopes

This is a recipe my sister has been making for Thirty years now...It is a recipe...

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French Dip Brisket Recipe

French Dip Brisket

Estelle Anderson
By Estelle Anderson

Talk about a delicious sandwich! This is a Rachael Ray recipe that I love! Wait until...

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Beef Patties En Croute Recipe

Beef Patties En Croute

Cyndi Holman
By Cyndi Holman

Ever heard of Beef Wellington? This is a "poor woman's" version of it - ground beef...

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New Years French Lentil Soup Recipe

New Years French Lentil Soup

Susan Feliciano
By Susan Feliciano

Black Eyed Peas may be traditional New Years food, but we prefer lentils for flavor. This...

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