French Recipes

French Buttercream Recipe

French Buttercream

Natasha Cannon
By Natasha Cannon

This is from my pastry book from college one of my favorite icing's to make! The yolk...

Pork Roulade Recipe

Pork Roulade

Aurora McBee
By Aurora McBee

Easy, tasty, and gorgeous! I learned this recipe from a chef I worked with years...

Skillet Flaugnarde or Clafoutis Recipe

Skillet Flaugnarde or Clafoutis

Heidi Hoerman
By Heidi Hoerman

Flaugnardes are an are an easy, French, fruit and egg breakfast treat or dessert. Perhaps...

Rabbit Fricassee Recipe

Rabbit Fricassee

Debbie wright
By Debbie wright

A small town near us has a Rabbit festival every year in the spring. Like any...

French Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

French Scalloped Potatoes

Wendy Rusch
By Wendy Rusch

I don't remember where this recipe came from...but have had it 15+ yrs now. It's...

Fish Ragout Recipe

Fish Ragout

Irana Brookshire
By Irana Brookshire

I used to serve this to my kids to get them to eat their vegetables. I...

Turkey a la King Recipe

Turkey a la King

Michelle Antonacci
By Michelle Antonacci

This is so good, creamy and yummy. I have served this over mashed potatos , rice...