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Crepes for Valentines day by freda Recipe

Crepes for Valentines day by freda


Breakfast or Dessert?? Any day is Crepes day if you want to surprise Someone "SPECIAL" Mom,...

Strawberry Chocolate Éclair Fantasy Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Éclair Fantasy

Brandi Kirkpatrick
By Brandi Kirkpatrick

I whip out this dessert to impress company. However, it does require some setting time, so...

Dee's Kahlua Truffles Recipe

Dee's Kahlua Truffles

Dee Stillwell
By Dee Stillwell

I have expeimented with truffle recipes over the years and this is the final tweaked recipe...

Meatloaf Peasant Wellington Recipe

Meatloaf Peasant Wellington

Bea Long
By Bea Long

This is for everyone who loves beef wellington and never could get the right doneness. I...

Individual Beef Wellington with Mushroom Pate Recipe

Individual Beef Wellington with Mushroom Pate

Deb Crane
By Deb Crane

Impressive dinner! Super yummy. I make my own mushroom pate (will post that recipe as well....

Lazy Vegan Ratatouille Recipe

Lazy Vegan Ratatouille

Barb Hayes
By Barb Hayes

This recipe is adapted from Laura Calder’s brilliant Lazy Ratatouille. I’ve taken her ingredients and...

Pere Beaudry's Tourtiere Recipe

Pere Beaudry's Tourtiere

Jo Zimny
By Jo Zimny

My father baked this simple and delicious pie every Christmas Eve. We used to serve gravy,...

Apples & Oranges Torte Recipe

Apples & Oranges Torte

Mary Shivers
By Mary Shivers

With an abundance of apples every fall, I love to use them in creative ways. In...

Baked Custard Recipe

Baked Custard

Maggie May Schill
By Maggie May Schill

Baked Custard, flan, creme caramel... whatever you call it, it remains a wonderful blend of sugar,...