French Recipes

Oh la la... check out these favorite French Recipes! From easy peasy to super fancy, great French cooking is just a recipe away.


Twice-Baked Gruyere and Potato Souffle Recipe

Twice-Baked Gruyere and Potato Souffle

By S I
These, along with a salad, make a nice, light meal. They can be prepared in advance and...

Beef Bourguignon Pie Recipe

Beef Bourguignon "Pie"

By Mikekey K
English shepard pie meets the old French classic dish. You can sub bacon for the...

Layers of Love Torte Recipe

Layers of Love Torte

By Lorie Roach
This decadent dessert is made of three of my all time favorite spreads which are peanut...

Favorite French Dressing Recipe

Favorite French Dressing

By Cassie *
I grew up next to a restaurant, that we frequented often in the summer months...I fell...

Easy chicken cordon blue casserole Recipe

Easy chicken cordon blue casserole

By sherry monfils
Another casserole my mom would make, and so yummy! I loved her casseroles, other than that...

Pick Your Berry Vinaigrette Recipe

Pick Your Berry Vinaigrette

By debbie lopez
Nice clean vinaigrette that can be with your choice of strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Because this...

Herbes De Provence Recipe

Herbes De Provence

By Annacia *
My personal favorite version of this lovely French mix. It makes just a small amount but...

Chocolate Leaves Recipe

Chocolate Leaves

By Colleen Sowa
This is a beautiful and tasty garnish for desserts. *** Use any left over chocolate up by...