French Recipes

Oh la la... check out these favorite French Recipes! From easy peasy to super fancy, great French cooking is just a recipe away.


Reunion Quiche Recipe

Reunion Quiche

By Susan Feliciano

I am providing breakfast for our Cousins Reunion in May. This is one of the recipes...

Mama Di's French Vinaigrette Recipe

Mama Di's French Vinaigrette

By Diane Shomper

Nice, light salad dressing for the summer; with a slight bite from the vinegar. Also great for...

Lazy Vegan Ratatouille Recipe

Lazy Vegan Ratatouille

By Barb Hayes

This recipe is adapted from Laura Calder’s brilliant Lazy Ratatouille. I’ve taken her ingredients and...

Curried Celery Salad Recipe

Curried Celery Salad

By C G

I stumbled across this recipe while trying to find new ways to serve celery. Inspired by...

Vegetarian Cassoulet Recipe

Vegetarian Cassoulet

By Sharon Colyer

Looking for more vegetarian/vegan meals. This is from Allrecipes posted by Syd. Reviewers indicated that it...

Green Beans with Shallots Recipe

Green Beans with Shallots

By Kathy D

We love this simple Ina Garten recipe. I prefer using the haricots verts. Enjoy!

Herbs de Provence Seasoning Recipe

Herbs de Provence Seasoning

By Annacia *

One of my all time favorite seasonings. I use it in savory baking , roasting pretty...