#Ramen Recipes

Chinese Fried Noodles Recipe

Chinese Fried Noodles

By April Huff
These Chinese Fried Noodles are awsome! Kids love it, and it is quick, cheap, and super...

Yum Yum Noodles Recipe

Yum Yum Noodles

By Tricia Suyeto
This recipe was made actually by my 20yrs old son, when he was 5yrs old. Hope...

Sausage Ramen Dish Recipe

Sausage Ramen Dish

By Karla Everett
My oldest daughter Jeannie taught me how to make this years ago when she was a...

Asian Beef Noodles Recipe

Asian Beef Noodles

By Kathy Smolkovich
This recipe comes from one of my Pampered Chef cookbooks. Chicken may be substituted for beef, use...

Spicy Ramen Saute Recipe

Spicy Ramen Saute

By Joshua Benjamin
This is a very in expensive dish that is also easy to make. Perfect for these...

Cold Green Bean Asian Salad Recipe

Cold Green Bean Asian Salad

By Leslie Crawford
This is easy to make and delicious. A little twist on the traditional green bean salad.

Ramen & Eggs Recipe

Ramen & Eggs

By Kandyce Thooft
of course people don't think it sounds (or looks) good... but trust me once u try...

Broccoli Slaw Recipe

Broccoli Slaw

By J S
This is a great salad to make for our hot Southern days. I often add different...

Play it agEIN Lo Mein Recipe

Play it "agEIN" Lo Mein

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
This is for my mystery challenge using Ramen, Italian Sausage and Wheat bread.....BUT That being said...

Ramen and Tomato Soup Recipe

Ramen and Tomato Soup

By Meagan Porter
This is a wonderful comfort food. I learned this from a friend and have been hooked...

Shrimp & Veggies Ramen Recipe

Shrimp & Veggies Ramen

By Tiffany Ash
This has probably been done in many households across America. You just can't go wrong...